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SJA Online Learning - Spring 2020

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Kindergarten - Mrs. Coulson   
1st Grade - Mrs. Lapso   
2nd Grade - Mrs. Bias   
3rd Grade - Miss Dean   
4th Grade - Miss Elliott   
5th Grade - Mrs. Bondra   
6th Grade - Mrs. Huber  
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7th Grade - Mrs. Ball  
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8th Grade - Mr. Nieves  
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Middle School Math - Mrs. Rugerio  
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Spanish - Mrs. Navez    
Phys. Ed. - Mrs. Lund    
Technology - Mrs. Urban  
Art - Mrs. Rickard    
Music - Mrs. Kennedy   



Distance Learning Resources

Online Class Schedule - Click here for this week's SJA online class meeting times. 
Newsletters & News Announcements - Click here for all news correspondence for the 2019-2020 school year. 
Khan Academy - The Khan Academy is truly a treasure trove of online lessons, explanation, practice exercises, quizzes, tests, and more that help students to gain competency in challenging concepts.   
Teaching Kids at Home - This piece from Arizona University has some interesting ideas on how to most effectively help kids to learn at home. 
Coping Strategies with Dr. Poklar - Dr. Ashley Poklar is creating videos to help our students acclimate to our new home bound life of shelter in place.  Her first video overs some general strategies.  The second video offers some helpful breathing methods that help to calm anxiety.
Coping with Kids During Quarantine - This article from Forbes offers great tips for parents to help make the best of being in "lock down."  
Impacts of Isolation - This article from Business Insider offers an interesting look at the psychology of why people get "cabin fever" when isolated indoors. 
Mandala Artwork - SJA art therapist and parent, Jessica Goggins, designed a unique "mandala" for St. Joan of Arc School.  Click here to download a unqiue copy of it.  Once your student has completed his/ her own, e-mail back to [email protected], I will upload it and place it next to the image of the one I credted below.
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