Parent Teacher Organization

NRA Committee

Needs and Resource Assessment Committee Bylaws

St. Joan of Arc School

Mission Statement: To assess and determine the continual needs of St. Joan of Arc School through
appreciative inquiries of administration, staff and parents to accomplish prioritized goals enhancing the
academic excellence of the school, and consequently allocating available fundraising dollars towards
those needs.

Committee Members and Functions:
1. The Needs and Resource Assessment Committee

a. Shall be responsible to:
i. assess and determine the continual needs of St. Joan of Arc School, with special
consideration and priority given to the advancement of technology and the school’s
strategic plan as primary needs
ii. prioritize academic, technological and other special needs of St. Joan of Arc School
iii. hear and consider appreciative inquiries from staff and parents regarding future
school projects and goals
iv. be responsive to parent concerns

b. After careful consideration of Section 1, a, i‐iv above
i. shall allocate proceeds from the annual Spring fundraiser
1. following established prioritized list
2. ensuring economical purchasing and spending
3. considering past allocations when funding current and future allocations
c. While adhering to the charge as defined in sections 1a and 1b, the committee will
 develop, and annually review and revise, an application to be completed by
 interested parties requesting funds.

d. Shall consist of the school principal, one member of the SJA technology committee,
one faculty member, one SJA parent at large, the current PTO Ways and Means
representative or the current PTO Needs and Assessments representative and the SJA
PTO Treasurer as a non‐voting member. The SJA member at large will be chosen by
the committee members listed above. Each member of the committee (with exception
of the school principal) is eligible to serve a two year term, with special consideration
given to longer term inquiries.

e. Shall meet at least quarterly, with additional meetings scheduled as necessary.

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