Mrs. Penkava's 8th Grade Class

Edgar Allan Poe

8th Graders --
If Edgar Allen Poe is considered the "Father of Horror" then what better month than October to study him!

Please answer questions 1-9 and ONE of the remaining three on the printout that you have been handed.
These questions were taken from a WebQuest created by the Southern Middle School. You won't be doing this entire WebQuest -- just using the resources in it for your research. Click to this WebQuest ( to find the links to the answers.

One word of caution: This WebQuest was written for Southern Middle School students. Some, but certainly not all, of the links are available only to them. Most of the resources you will be able to use. In those cases where you cannot, you can try for similar encyclopedias and references. Other resources:,, ,,

Good Luck!

1. In what ways was Poe's life remarkable?
2. In what ways was Poe's life despicable?
3. In what ways was Poe's life admirable?
4. What human qualities were most influential in shaping the way Poe lived and influenced his time?
5. Which of Poe's qualities or traits proved most troubling and difficult?
6. Which of Poe's qualities or traits proved most beneficial?
7. Did Poe make any major mistakes or bad decisions? If so, what were they and how did Poe handle or not handle them?
8. What are the two or three most important lessons you or any other person might learn from the way Poe lived?
9. Some people say you can judge the quality of a person's life by the enemies they make. Do you think this is true of Poe's life? Explain why or why not?
10. An older person or mentor is often very important in shaping the lives of gifted people by providing guidance and encouragement. To what extent was this true about Poe? Explain.
11. Many people act out of a "code" or a set of beliefs that dictate choices. It may be religion or politics or a personal philosophy. To what extent did Poe act by a code or act ndependently of any set of beliefs? Were there times when the code was challenged and impossible to follow?
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