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To Kill a Mockingbird Webquest








In this classic novel, Scout narrates the story of her youth growing up in Maycomb, Alabama. The situations in this novel will make you laugh, gasp in disbelief, feel outraged, and even question your own society.

Before we begin reading this novel, it is important for you to understand the life and time of the South during the 1930's. This was a time when racism and prejudice were prevalent; poverty was rampant due to the Great Depression; and children were not meant to be heard. Life was hard.

In order to show you these life and times, you are to follow the task and steps below

To submit a Literacy Guide answering questions while working through the web sites below.


1. Using the selected Web sites, view and read about life in the South during the Great Depression. The Literacy Guide will direct you on what to view.

Growing Up White during the 1930's

Growing Up Black during the 1930's

Photographs Enforcing Racial Discrimination

Jim Crow Laws

FSA-OWA Photographs

Photographs of Greensboro, Alabama

Photographs of Selma, Alabama

Photographs of Eutaw, Alabama

2. Follow the steps and complete the Literacy Guide. Print out this guide, complete it, and submit it to me. The guide tells you what sites to look at and when. Please read each piece carefully.


These activities were designed to help you:
  • to identify elements of living during the Great Depression
  • to determine what life was like in the South during the 1930's
  • to examine prejudice, stereotypes, and racism within society
  • to question our treatment of others

Thank you to Mrs. Kurucz for the original webquest.
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