Mrs. Penkava's 8th Grade Class


    Imagine that you and your group are asked to create a new interpretation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet if good enough, it will be turned into a Hollywood movie. It is your groups job to change one scene from the play into a different time period in history and present it to the class (movie studio). A good example of this task is the film; The Ten things I Hate About You. You can present this idea in anyway you think will sell your idea to the studio. Your group can act out the scene, create a short video, present the scene and ideas using a power point, or any other creative way you can come up with. 

    You are not being asked to write a line-by-line 'translation' of the text, but rather to adapt the story and its themes for an audience of the era that your group has chosen. Each group member must be part of the presentation as well as doing the individual jobs each of you have chosen.
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