Mrs. Penkava's 8th Grade Class


The class will be divided into groups of three students for the duration of the project. Follow the links below to see a description of the steps you and your group members will follow:

* Step One: Select a scene

The very first job you will have as a group will be to pick the scene from Romeo and Juliet. Your group can choose any scene from the play that you all agree on. The group must get approval for the teacher before preceeding any further with the project. So think carefully before you make your decision!
Click here for some scene examples

*Step Two: Select an era

Once you have decided which scene you will be concentrating on, you must select an era (time period) in which to set the scene. Choose any era you like starting at colonial time to the 1980s. There are several examples of time periods listed.

*Step Three: Select a role

Now that your group has chosen the scene and picked the perfect era. Now what? Each member of your group needs to choose a role to play. This presentation is a group effort, but each person will contribute a different aspect to the presentation that will have a huge impact on the outcome of this project. Just as every person possesses different talents and interests, each of the roles requires the use of different skills. Your group should carefully read the following role descriptions and decide together who is best suited for each job.

Click below on the job name for complete instructions for each job.

The Linguist | The Wardrobe Designer | The Director | The Historian(all group members will do this part of the project)

Project Timeline

Day 1
• Form groups. Select scene and era. Assign roles. (Classroom)
Day 2
• Begin to research eras. (Computer Lab)
Day 3
• Continue research. (ibooks in classroom)
Day 4
• Continue research/Begin work on presentations.
(Classroom ibooks if needed)
Day 5
• Prepare/practice presentations. (Classroom)
Day 6
• Prepare/practice presentations. (Classroom)
Day 7
• Presentations. (Classroom)
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