Mrs. Penkava's 8th Grade Class


balcony[1]Human nature is a wonderous thing, throughout history people have struggled with true love, family troubles, jealousy, betrayal, and yes even murder.
These experiences however, are nothing new. Mankind has battled with these same issues throughout history. William Shakespeare wrote about all of these emotions in his play Romeo and Juliet and these feeling still accurate today.
Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is poetic, lyrical, and timeless. His work has survived the test of time and is as true today as it was over four hundred years ago. As hard as it maybe to believe, there are some people who find it difficult to read Shakespeare’s beautiful words. Some people also do not think that his work is relevant in today’s world. Some even think Shakespeare's plays are boring! So today you are going to prove them wrong.
Here is your task, you are to turn the nonbeliever into believes and create a way to get them to appreciate Shakespeare’s work. Show the nonbelievers that Romeo and Juliet can be transferred to almost any time period in history. You can choose any time period you like, from colonial times to the 1980s.
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