Mrs. Penkava's 8th Grade Class

6th Grade English

6th Grade English Course Description 2012-2013 The English curriculum is designed to develop the skills of communication: writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and researching. Development of these skills not only assists students in making their communications clear, but will help each students at St. Joan of Arc School reach his or her academic goals. Grammar Units All grammar units will consist of your child taking notes in class, various class activities, workbook pages and other writing assignments done in class and/or for homework. Subjects and Predicates pg. 296 Nouns pg. 318 Common, proper, singular, plural, possessive Verbs pg. 332 Action, indirect objects, predicate words, present, past, future tenses, progressive forms (continuing action), Main verbs, helping verbs, perfect tenses (indefinite time in the past), Irregular Pronouns pg. 360 Personal, antecedents, possessive, indefinite Adjectives pg. 378 Proper, articles, demonstrative, adjectives that compare Adverbs pg. 394 (describes a verb, adjectives, or adverb) Modifying verbs, modifying adjectives Prepositions pg. 414 (relates a noun /pronoun with another word in the sentence) Conjunctions pg. 425 Interjections pg. 427 Types of Writing Listed below are the types of writing that will be covered this year in 6th grade English class along with the grammar units. There are numerous project and different types of writing assignments that will correspond with each type of writing. There are examples listed for each type of writing. Personal journals—The writing journals are used two or three times a week in class. Each class period there will be a writing prompt on the board, your student knows to copy the prompt in his or her journal and write for the allotted time they are given. The writing process pg. 36 (prewriting, drafting, revising, editing/proofreading, publishing/presenting) Descriptive writing pg. 100 (painting a picture with your words) Example: Students are given a picture to view and are asked to create a story stemming from that picture. Narrative writing pg. 142 (tells a story) Example: Students pick a nursery rhyme or story they know well and tell the story from a different character point of view. Expository writing pg. 180 (shares knowledge, informs, explains, defines, classifies, gives directions) Example: Research paper process will be examined and used. Persuasive writing pg. 216 (win over your audience, persuade them to see your side) Example: students chose a side of an issue and try to convince their classmate that their way is the right way. (Debate)
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