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Dear Parents,

The students of St. Joan of Arc School will be performing the Broadway Jr. Musical, The Sound of Music on March 18 and 19th 2016. We have also scheduled a make up performance of April 8th and 9th in case we have a bad snowstorm and can’t perform in March.  Please keep both dates in mind when scheduling other commitments.


Auditions are open to all students in grades K-8.  I have attached an audition form as well as a list of characters that appear in The Sound of Music.   Because we will be performing the musical two months earlier than last year, it is imperative we begin the process now.  It will be a great reward to know that once the musical is over we can all enjoy spring break and an end of the school year that is not so chaotic.  Auditions for all students in grades K-8 will take place during lunch and recess time, September 14-17th.  Callbacks if necessary, will be held on Friday, Sept .18th from 3-5.   Sign –up sheets are posted outside the music room so please make sure your student has signed up for a time if they wish to audition.  If their name is not on the list they will not be allowed to audition.  Students will need to perform a song and recite a monologue.  There are sample monologues posted on my music class web page under musical on the school web site.  Students may use the sample monologues or one they find on their own.   The monologue doesn’t have to be memorized but students are encouraged to do so.  Students can sing any song they want, it does not have to be an actual song from The Sound of Music.  Songs must be school appropriate!  Every student must have an audition form with them in order to audition –no exceptions!


Please remember when discussing this with your student, that students in grades K-3 will most likely not be given a main role with the exception of the part of Gretl, Marta, Brigitta, and possibly Kurt.  The vocal range and incredible memorization required of main roles is not realistic for grades K-3.  There are still smaller speaking and singing roles available to them but I don’t want to see a younger student disappointed because they thought they could be Maria or the Captain. 


If a student only wants to be in a chorus or multiple choruses or in ensemble roles that don’t sing, they do not have to audition.  But please keep in mind they will only be put in the chorus or roles stated on their form and will not have an opportunity for a speaking role.  Every student that wants to be in the show will have a part.   If a student has no interest in the acting portion, they will have an opportunity to be part of the TECH crew which will handle lights, sets, sound, props, backstage, tickets, posters, and other aspects that help in production.  If your student wants to be a part of the TECH team, have them put TECH on the line that says what role would you like.  Those doing TECH will not need to come to auditions.  All TECH students will need to have their audition form turned in to me by the 18th of Sept.  Please note that backstage TECH crew is for students in grades 6-8 only.  Students in younger grades can pass out programs and help with tickets, lights, and other house jobs.  Backstage TECH is only for middle school students.


I must stress that this is a major undertaking and will require a lot of time outside of school.  Rehearsals will be before school and then both before and after school, as we get closer to the performance dates.  Please consider the time commitment carefully –repeated no-show/unexcused absence from rehearsals is not acceptable and may result in removal from the cast.  Please note that the week of the show is dress rehearsal everyday from 3:00-6:00 p.m. and attendance is mandatory.  Please let all other commitments/appointments know this ahead of time.


Students will be responsible for coming up with their costume.   Please don’t let that discourage you as we have a great group of parents that are wonderful at finding and making costumes and there should be many things available during the Halloween Season.  Once the cast is complete, you will be given a rehearsal schedule.  It is absolutely essential for students to be at rehearsals that they are scheduled for.  I will keep a current rehearsal schedule on the school web site for you to check weekly to see if any changes were made.


Choosing a cast for a musical is an extremely difficult task.  There are so many things to consider outside of the obvious, can they sing and can they act.  Roles are written within certain vocal ranges and many students may not be able to reach notes within the range for that particular role.  Our audition team is casting an ensemble not just one or two “lead” roles.  Everyone must understand the importance of working together as an ensemble and to see the production as a whole- not as individual parts that seem less or more important than others.   I trust our audition team to pick students that are best suited for each role.  Please remind your student that there is a big possibility they won’t get the part they want.  They will however, get the part that is perfect for them and the ensemble as a whole.   The Sound of Music is a much different show than we have done in the past.  There are a lot more ensemble numbers and we will be looking for students that can work well as a team and are extremely self-disciplined.


Being in a Broadway musical is one of the most rewarding things a student can experience.  When the curtain rises, the long hours and hard work are worth it in the end.  I know that each student involved will make a memory that they will treasure their entire lifetime.  I am looking forward to working with this group of actors and actresses.  If you have any questions please contact me.



Mrs. Judd

Music and Drama Teacher






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