Miss Molder's Technology Class

7th & 8th Grade

Throughout the school year the SJOA School students will be learning the following according to their individual grade level and abilities.
  • open and close a program
  • open, close, save, and print a file
  • locate keys on a keyboard
  • understand the function of keyboard keys
  • practice and perfect keyboarding skills
  • type, select and format text
  • insert pictures and clip art
  • draw and format shapes
  • create slides and apply simple animations
  • create projects
  • learn word processing
  • learn internet components
  • use a browser
  • connect to a website
  • work and learn on a website
  • internet research
  • apply advanced formatting technique
  • arrange information using table
  • bookmark a location and then create a hyperlink
  • organize, graph, and calculate data
  • design a master slide for a presentation
  • cut, copy and paste a selection
  • type, select and format text
  • insert and format pictures and clip art
  • organize information in a spreadsheet and graph data
  • publish a simple webpage
  • create a presentation with animation and transitions
  • view, add, and filter records in a database
  • create a comparison table
  • conduct an effective internet search
  • edit a photograph to superimpose an image

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