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2016-2017 2nd Quarter Book Club



October 31, 2016

Fuzzy Mud
by Louis Sachar

All students in grades 5 - 8, who are in this book club are required to read the assignments as presented at our initial meeting. You may find the same information online. Remember, the page numbers may vary depending on whether you are reading the book in a printed edition or an electronic version. Follow the chapter numbers as listed.

Hello, my sedulous (look it up in the dictionary) scholars! I am very excited to read Fuzzy Mud by Louis Sachar with you this year.

Here’s the scoop for the first quarter book club.  Our meetings will be at lunchtime in the library.  On those days bring your lunch, your book, and any other materials needed, to the library.  You are to come prepared having read all of the assigned chapters – discussions aren’t fun if no one has read!  Make sure you jot down, on a piece of paper, any things you would like to discuss:  Maybe something puzzled you, perhaps a word you don’t know; maybe there’s a character you just don’t like; maybe you think the book is funny, or sad.  I want to hear about it! 

Here is the meeting schedule for this book club.

By Monday, October 31 read pages 1 – 61 (Ch. 1 – 12)

By Monday, November 14 read pages 62 – 111 (Ch. 13 – 23)

By Monday, November 28 read pages 112 – 183 (Ch. 24 – Epilogue)


Book Club will be worth 30 points for your reading grade.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to come and see me as soon as you are back in school.  You will lose points for missing a meeting (without a valid reason), not being prepared, or by disrupting our discussion.  Be considerate!

~Mrs. Huber

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