Miss DiIorio's Kindergarten Class

Behavior Plan

Our Classroom Rules:

My general expectations are that my students work hard, be polite and kind, make safe choices, and respect our school and peers.  Our specific classroom rules are:


I will listen when someone is talking
I will follow directions the first time they are given
I will treat everyone with kindness and respect
I will take care of our school and classroom
I will work and play safely and quietly
I will know it is okay to make mistakes


Positive Behavior Plan

I believe in providing a positive atmosphere in the classroom. A clip chart system is used to recognize good decision making as well as consequences for not following classroom rules.  This is a model of the clip chart used in the classroom:


Good Day!

Ready to Learn!

Think About It...

Teacher's Choice

Parents Contact

   Each day, every student begins on green, or “ready to learn”.  The students should come in ready to tackle the learning planned for the day.  If a child makes exceptionally good choices (is helpful, does especially nice work, answers a really hard question, or is a leader to their peers in good decision making) that student will be able to move their clip up.  Students who move their clip up go above and beyond the daily expectations.  If a student does not follow classroom rules or general classroom/school expectations, they will move their clip down.  All students have the chance to continually move up or down throughout the day based on their choices and attitude.

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