Ms. Bondra's 5th Grade Class

Science 5

Fifth Grade Science

 Newtons laws videos

Study Jams Newtons first law

Science 360  Newtons first law

Scientific Method

Scientific Method Study Guide – 5th grade

·       Words to know – scientific method, data, hypothesis, conclusion, experiment, observation, Independent variable, dependent variable, testable question

·       Know the steps of the scientific method, be able to put them in order, and know what you do during each step.

·       Be able to identify a good hypothesis

·       Be able to identify ways to be safe in the science lab

·       Study notes in science notebook

Scientific Method song

Unit 1: Ecosystems and Biomes

Biomes - Great Web Sites with Overviews and Details

Plant/Animal Adaptations


Ocean Life

Omnivores, Carnivores, Herbivores, and Decomposers

Shephard's Software Link
Nature Work's Site-Scavengers and Decomposers
National Geographic-Animal Facts
Kid's Planet-Animal Facts
Soft School's Site-Animal Facts
San Diego Zoo's Site-Animal Facts
Teeth of Herbivores, Carnivores, and Omnivores


The Reasons for the Seasons PPT


Life Cycle of a Star    Nasa Site-Life Cycle  Nasa-Life Cycle of a Star 2  ESA Site

Follow the Drinking Gourd   Teacher Tube-Follow the Drinking Gourd    Life Cycle-Enchanted Learning

Moon Phases
Phases of the Moon Pictures

Unit 3:  Forces and Motion

Study Guide Motion and Forces Study Guide

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