Ms. Bondra's 5th Grade Class

Science 4

Fourth Grade Science


 Matter is Everywhere


Chemical change

mixture and solution

Particles of your world -- Crash Course kids video

states of matter video

Phase change video

Mass vs Weight

       *** Particles in Matter

       *** Matter Matters      remember we use the term mass instead of weight

Density Facts Video

Density Simulation

Scientific Method

Scholastic Study Jams

Scientific Method song




Electricity and Magnetism



interactive circuits

           studyjams electricty

            study jams atoms


 Chapter 12-- Energy


conduction convection and radiation

Temperature vs heat

Temperature and heat a discussion

Measuring temperature

Temperature scale


Matter is Everywhere

 *** Mass vs Weight

       *** Particles in Matter

       *** Matter Matters      remember we use the term mass instead of weight  


Scientific Method

Scientific Method Study Guide – 4th grade

·       Words to know – scientific method, data, hypothesis, conclusion, experiment, observation

·       Know the steps of the scientific method, be able to put them in order, and know what you do during each step.

·       Be able to identify ways to be safe in the science lab.

**** Notes in your science notebook

Scholastic Study Jams

Scientific Method song


Unit 1: Erosion and Weathering

Erosion and Weathering Video
Erosion Examples
Enchanted Learning's Landforms and Bodies of Water Glossary

Nasa Site on Earthquakes


Volcanoes   Volcanoes-Nasa
Virtual Field Trips to Volcanoes
Science for Kids-Volcanoes
One Geology-Volcanoes


Fun Facts about Hurricanes
NASA Site on Hurricanes




Unit 2: Changing Ecosystems

Bay Oysters Article
Venus Fly Traps
Invasive Species
Topsy Turvy Ecosystems
Warming Temperatures and Ecosystems

Endangered Species

Arctic Fox
Endangered Species Site-Kids Planet

Symbiotic Relationships

Clown Fish and Sea Anemone
Snapping Shrimp and Goby Fish

What causes animals to become extinct or endangered?
PBS-Loniest Animal Project

Unit 2: Matter and Electricity

Unit 3: Earth's History/Rocks

Fossil Fuels
Rocks    40 Common Rocks
Learn about Rocks         Minerology for Kids

Fossil Formation  Fossil Formation 2

Hardness Scale  One Geology Site

  Fossils    Fossil Types

Rock Cycle Review  Quizlet-Rock Cycle  Diagram of Rock Cycle

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