Ms. Bondra's 5th Grade Class

National Parks Project

Saint Joan of Arc has received a generous donation for environmental education.  A large part of the money has been put aside for fifth grade camp, which allows us to travel farther and to any destination of our choice. It is up to you to decide which national park your class will be going to for the camping trip. After looking at each of the five National Parks on this web quest, you will choose one and create a persuasive Prezi to present to Miss Pizzuto and Mrs. DiBacco describing the reasons why your class should go to the national park that you chose.

 Search the websites provided to help gather information. Afterward, you will write a persuasive letter to Mrs. DiBacco about going to one of the national parks for camp this year!

*abiotic and biotic features
*type of ecosystem
*natural features

Group Member Roles

*Note taker-

*Time Keeper/Team Leader-

*Prezi Expert and Tech Support-


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