Ms. Bondra's 5th Grade Class

Invasive Animals Activity

St. Joan of Arc
Grade 5
Preparation Activities
Cuyahoga Valley National Park Visit

Activity One

Benthics are an important indicator of water quality. In order to understand what benthics are and how they work, you will need to learn about benthics. On filler paper that is set up correctly (name, date, circle number, and title: Science Activity - Benthics) answer the following questions. As always, your paper must be written in cursive, and you must write the questions.

1. What are macroinvertebrates?
2. Why study macroinvertebrates?
3. How do macroinvertebrates indicate water quality?
4. Describe the three categories used to place macroinvertebrates. Give one example of each macroinvertebrate in each category.

Once you have completed the questions, complete the practice sample activities. Be prepared to share what you learned.

Click here to begin your exploration.

Activity Two

Invasive species are a serious problem in ecosystems all across our country. In this activity, you will learn how this problem is impacting the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Using the links provided, please complete the journal activities.

Link One: Frequently Asked Questions, including an explanation of invasive species
Link Two: Ohio's Invasive Species
Link Three: More information and images of invasive species

Activity Three

We learned about watershed when we visited the Environmental Education Center. Now it is time to review. Click here to begin your review. Read the information, then look at the three videos.

Activity FourThe Scientific MethodSimple

Click here to fill in the definition sheet on the water cycle.

Activity Five

Read the information on both links. Answer the questions on filler paper.

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