Ms. Bondra's 5th Grade Class

Fantasy Fiction Story

You will be writing a fantasy fiction story for your next writing assignment!

The guidelines for your story are:

* Develop a plot with a beginning, middle and end.
* Introduce the main characters, setting and problem in the beginning of the story in an interesting way.
*The characters and setting should display magical qualities. For example: A bunny who can fly and speak.
* Show how the characters deal with the problem in the middle and how it works out in the end.
* Describe the events in order and leave out events that are not important to the story.
* Use details and dialogue to show rather than tell about your character, events and setting.
* Use vivid details to create a picture in the readers mind.
* Your story should include a title page.
*It should be double spaced!
*The graphic organizer, rough draft, and final draft must be turned in together on the final due date.

Fantasy Fiction Story Rubric

Your story will be based on a 1 to 10 grading scale (1=poor 10=excellent)

It will be graded on the following elements:
_____ Organization
Does the story have a beginning, middle and end? Are the characters, setting and problem introduced in the beginning? Are the events in a logical order?

_____ Problem/Solution
Does the writer show how the characters deal with the problem and how it works out in the end?

_____ Ideas
Do the ideas in the story make sense? Is the story free of unnecessary events and details?

_____ Word Choice
Did the writer use new and interesting words? Can the reader tell what the words mean? Did the writer use details and dialogue to describe the characters, setting and events?

_____ Sentence Fluency
Do the sentences begin in different ways? Did the writer use some long and short sentences? Does the paper sound smooth when you listen to it?

_____ Voice
Did the writer think about how they wanted the reader to feel when they read the story? Does the story sound like the writer?

_____ Conventions
Did the writer use correct punctuation and spelling? Is the handwriting neat and easy to read?

_____ Requirements
Is there a title page? Is the story double spaced? Did the writer hand in the graphic organizer, rough draft and final draft on the due date?
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