Ms. Bondra's 5th Grade Class

Camp Preparation

Building for the Future
How can we live and work comfortably while protecting our natural resources?

Look at these beautiful buildings.

 bale3  cob9  cob

Would you be amazed to discover that these buildings are made with sustainable resources that do not harm our fragile planet? What does it mean to be "sustainable"? How do "green builders" choose material that supports the health of our planet while creating beautiful living spaces? What is the cost of such building, and how practical is it?

You will be asked to design a sustainable building at camp. In order to prepare for the project, some research is needed. Investigate the following links to learn more about cob buildings, earth bags, straw bale houses, and energy systems that include strange terms such as "gray water." Think about the how this information will help you in your final project at camp.

Investigate the following links, reading the information carefully. Take notes! When you are finished, ask for permission to do additional research. Remember, all sites must be approved by me.
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