Mrs. Ball's 7th Grade Class

Class Notes


Unit 1
The following is a list of suggested web sites for the Primary Source vs Secondary Source class activity:

Unit 2
Exploration Ch 2

Unit 3

Colonization Notes

Click on the following address to view the movies on the Northern, Middle, and Southern colonies that we watched in class.  Note that it is the same site the web quest project will come from:

Colonization Brochure Webquest Project:

Colony Comparison Notes: Northern, Middle, Southern:  Colony Comparison, 10/10

Ch 5 Section 1 Colonial Life
: Nearpod - Colonial Life
Ch 5 Section 1 Prezi: 
Dominion of New England, Glorious Revolution Prezi

Enlightenment Thinkers


American Revolution Unit

Patriot vs Loyalist Views

Expansion Unit

        * Louisiana Purchase and Lewis & Clark Webquest: click here
        * Expansion Part 3

Chapter 18
Road to Secession Power Point:  click here
Section 4 Prezi:  click here
Quizlet review:  click here

Chapter 19 - Civil War
Civil War Photos and Issues Power Point:  Civil War Intro PPT
Helpful Civil War Causes websites:

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