Mrs. Ball's 7th Grade Class



Welcome to Mesopotamia! Today you will be visiting various Internet sites, to determine the correct answers to the worksheet you have been given. In addition, you will develop one question to 'stump the class'. This question will come from one of the sites you visit. Be sure to record the site your question is from, and the answer.

You are an archaeologist searching for answers! Have a successful mission!


Although most of this information can be found in your Social Studies text book, I would like you to rely on these Internet sources:

Mesopotamia 9000 - 500 B.C.

Mesopotamia Electronic Passport

Ancient Cities

Directory of Other Mesopotamia Sites

Always remember to press the BACK key to return to this page after visiting a site.


Read through the information on these sites and fill in your worksheet.
Remember to look for your question for the class.


There is a lot of information on the Internet! You have sifted through three sites and were able to complete your worksheets. Now, bring your 'stumper' question to class! See you there!

Thanks to Bernie Dodge for the Webquest inspiration!

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