Mrs. Ball's 7th Grade Class

Mesoamerican Civilizations - Incas, Mayas, Aztecs

TASK: We are learning about three civilizations that existed in Central and South America. Your task is to develop a book that will have a chapter for each civilization. Each chapter will include vocabulary related to the civilization from the text book. It will contain a map depicting where the civilization is located. If you use a map for the front cover showing the locations of all three civilizations, you do not need another map in the chapter. Finally, each chapter will contain two 'projects'. Ideas for projects are listed on the web site. You may also choose to use your own idea. Remember, the web site is only a starting point - you will need to look at other sources, especially for the Aztecs. Do not forget that your text book is a valuable source. You must keep a bibliography of all of the sources you used.

If you build a model or make a poster as one of your projects please take a picture or draw a picture of it to insert into your book.

The last page of your book will be a table comparing all three civilizations on specific points. I will give you the table to fill in.

Some work will be completed here, but some must be worked on at home.

The due date for the book is March 9, 2006.


What your book will look like:

  • It can be in a binder, or use construction paper as the front and back cover.
  • The cover must have your name, subject, and date, as well as a creative illustration or map.
  • There will be three chapters: Incas, Mayas, Aztecs.
  • Each chapter will contain vocabulary from the text book,
  • two projects about the civilization,
  • and a map depicting the region where the civilization is located.
  • The final page will be the table comparing the three civilizations.
  • I will give you the chart.

EVALUATION: Your book will be graded on creativity, accuracy, spelling, neatness, and whether you have met all of the requirements.

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