Mrs. Ball's 7th Grade Class

Industrial Revolution

The following WebQuest was adapted from an original quest designed by Maria Bartolotti, Kim Bedor, Cathy Bond, Rosalie Breslin, Mildred Carmmisa, & Jill Goldsmith.
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The Industrial Revolution: A WebQuest on The Birth of Modern Times

Question: Was life better as a result of the
Industrial Revolution?


The Industrial Revolution had a profound effect on all levels of society in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. How people
lived and worked changed significantly during this time. You will explore the following questions:

1. Did the benefits outweigh the problems generated by these societal shifts?
2. Did living conditions improve or not as technological changes swept through England and the rest of Europe, and America?
3. Did industrial growth contribute positively or negatively to society?
4. How did family daily life change in England and America as a result of the Industrial Revolution?

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