Mrs. Ball's 7th Grade Class

Industrial Revolution Article Requirements

1. Assign roles.

2. Keeping in mind the members of each of the social classes,
research the following areas:

1. the growth of cities and any other
population shifts
2. working conditions for men, women
or children
3. changing role of women
4. impact of inventions on life
5. living conditions in the cities and in
the countryside, including health and sanitation
6. education
7. income and wealth accumulation
8. role of labor unions
9. changes in family life
10. transportation
11. leisure

3. Each student will write one newspaper article as described in the Task section.

4. The class will compile two newspapers. One will advocate the view that life was better, and the other will support the opposite view.

5. Each student will close the project by writing the essay described in the Conclusion section.

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