Mrs. Ball's 7th Grade Class

Ancient Greece


The seventh grade students are embarking on their study of Ancient Greece. The following activites incorporate group work, mathematical measurements, and critical thinking. The following is a description of their journey!
  • Explore prior knowledge of and areas of interest in Greece.
Using TodaysMeet, students participated in an interactive online discussion session. The
students also completed a questionnaire expressing areas of personal interest.
  • Examine and interpret a map of the area to understand geographical impact on the development of the civilization.
The students completed a scavenger hunt using the large maps from the library.
  • List the achievements and innovations of the Ancient Greeks.
The students who expressed an interest worked with a group to create a mural depicting
  • Display the constellations that were named for the Ancient Greek gods. Give a brief synopsis of the story of that god.
The students who expressed an interest worked with a group to create a mural depicting
the constellations.
  • Study of Heroes: Each student explores the lives of three gods and determine the traits that caused the Greeks to consider them heroes. Next, each student chooses a personal hero, comparing traits with those of the Greek gods. Finally, the students will interview a significant adult to again compare what makes a hero in the adult's eyes.
  • Interested students will perform a play about Prometheus, the god who brought the Greeks fire. Students who do not wish to have a speaking part will create the scenery.
  • Architecture 'tour': after observing Greek architecture, students will document a tour of buildings in the local area or from the internet where the Greek influence can be seen.
  • Gods: How were the gods and goddesses like humans? Different? How did monsters in mythology explain nature?
  • The students will compare the daily lives of the Ancient Greeks to the lives of people today.
  • The students will look for examples of myths and the gods used in today's world, especially advertising. They will show examples and create an ad campaign for a new imaginary product using a Greek myth or god as the foundation.

The students will continue their study of the formation of the democratic government and its Greek origins.
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