Mrs. Ball's 7th Grade Class


TASK I: This section is a formal writing assignment. It may be typed or hand written neatly in ink. The question must be written first, then the answer, in complete sentences. If it is typed, it must be in size 12 font and double spaced. It does not need to have the justified alignment. All answers must be in your own words!

Answer the following questions using the links provided, or your own sources.
  1. What type of government has the United States established?
  2. Where did the basic ideas about government come from?
  3. Name the forms of government that fall under the category of AUTOCRACY. Define each and give examples.
  4. How do some dictatorships and oligarchies try to make it seem as if the people have a say in the government? How does the government really control the people?
  5. What are the two forms of democracy? Describe what happens in each.
  6. What are the characteristics that make a government a true democracy?
  7. What gives voters a choice among candidates? What are some other benefits to this system?
  8. What ancient civilizations as well as early American civilizations could be labeled as ThEOCRATIC and why? Are there any THEOCRACIES today?
  9. What are the differences between COMMUNISM and SOCIALISM?
  10. Are there any countries today that could be considered OLIGARCHIES? If so, name them.
TASK II: Write the definitions for each term in your own words listed under 'subdivisions' on the introduction page. Again, this must be typed or written neatly in ink.
TASK III: You and your assigned partner must:
  1. Compare and contrast two forms of government under the subdivision category.
  2. Then create a third 'ideal' form of government of your own using the best elements from any of the forms you have studied.
    • You must specify how leaders would be chosen
    • what the daily life and roles of the citizens would be
    • how power would be transferred
    • how decisions would be made
    • why your government would be the best for society.

3. You will create a display using the recycled trifolds from the Science Fair that will be provided
for you.

Throughout this unit, you will be given class time to work. However, since time is limited, you must also do some research at home. You will be receiving a folder where you must keep all of your work. This folder must be brought to class every day instead of your text book.

Task IV: A 100 point test on Governments is tentatively scheduled for May 3.
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