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Welcome to the first section of the eighth grade election project! In this Webquest you will first discover the steps to the White House. Next, you will uncover the mystery of the workings of the Electoral College. Later, as the project progresses, you will examine the issues in the current election, decide the qualities of a good president, and finally vote for your candidate.


Copernicus - Path to the White House

PBS-Inauguration 2001

Hiram College - Election Resources

Meet the Candidates!

Vote: The Machinery of Democracy

Presidential Election 2004: From Start to Finish

Times for Kids: Election Connection

Election Process

Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government - Election Process

FactMonster-How the President Gets Elected

Scholastic - How to Run for President

NARA - Electoral College Resources

EnchantedLearning-How the President is Elected

Election Resources from Pontico Hills School

Resources from Read/Write/Think

Task 1

Your first task is to investigate the path to the White House. You will illustrate the steps an individual takes from the point of announcing his/her candidacy to the final election. You must creatively show these steps on a poster. THE DUE DATE WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN CLASS.

Task 2

Now that you have found how a candidate makes it to the White House, it is time to understand how the voting process works. Below are some questions for you to answer to help you in this process. THE DUE DATE WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN CLASS.
You must answer these questions alone, on filler paper. Please write the question first, then the answer. This may also be typed.

1. Why was the Electoral College established?

2. How and when are the electors chosen?

3. How is each state's allotments of electors determined?

4. Where and when do the electors meet to vote?

5. When does the Congress meet to conduct an official tally of electoral votes?

6. Roughly how many electors should be appointed for the eighth grade?

When these questions have been answered, we will review them in class.  You will then prepare a two-minute persuasive speech 
addressing the question,"Should the Electoral College be abolished?" The sites above will contain information to help you decide.  If time permits, this issue may become the topic of a formal debate.  

Once you have completed this portion of the project, you will understand how an individual progresses to the White House as President. In addition, you will have an in depth knowledge of how our democratic system works! Then it will be on to the ISSUES!!!

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