Mrs. Ball's 7th Grade Class


dragon[1]You and your partner must create a Portrait Gallery of a specific dynasty in China and present it on a poster board. You are to compile and label pictures from magazines, the internet, or hand-drawn that depict life during that period to fill the poster board. In addition, you and your partner will provide an oral report answering the following questions:
  • Who were the leaders?
  • Was it a cruel or benevolent leadership?
  • Were there any innovations or cultural achievements; if none, why not?
  • What were the religious beliefs? Fully describe the religion(s) followed during that time.
  • What was the role of women?
  • How did the rulers gain/lose the Mandate of Heaven?
  • Did the geographical boundaries change from the dynasty preceding and the dynasty following and how?
  • Describe the contact or trade with other countries, if any, during this time.
To make your oral report interesting and memorable you will devise either an outline, a hand written summary, or a short question & answer game to distribute to the class. (I will make the copies if you give me the original in time.) Your presentations should last no longer than ten minutes. Remember, all of your references must be cited in a bibliography. Lastly, you will keep a daily diary of the work you, personally, contributed to the project. This diary must be turned in at the end of the project.

To summarize, you and your partner will produce:
  • A poster
  • An oral report with a hard copy of the material
  • Personal daily diary
  • Bibliography
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