Mrs. Ball's 7th Grade Class



EXCELLENT-Covers the dynasty thoroughly, accurately, creatively. Display is attractive, eye-catching, flows well and is easy to follow. There are no spelling errors.

GOOD-Covers the dynasty adequately and in an interesting manner. Display is laid out well and lends itself to an easy understanding of the material. There are no more than 2 spelling errors.

ACCEPTABLE-Pictures cover most of the main points but not all. Pictures and captions are scanty or missing. Some information may be inaccurate. There are no more than 4 spelling errors.

UNACCEPTABLE-Pictures and captions do not identify the main points. Pictures/captions are sloppy and/or do not tell a coherent story. The display is poorly designed. There are more than 4 spelling errors.

Oral Report/Handout:
Presentation skills such as eye contact, voice level, word pronunciation and clarity (how well you are understood) will be evaluated. The handout must be neat, comprehensive, and easy to follow. The above ratings will be applied to this section as well. Diary: The diary must contain an entry for every day that you work on the project. This includes time that you spend at home as well as in the classroom. Your diary will be compared with your partner¹s to be sure that the work was evenly distributed and produced. If it is apparent that you or your partner provided a great majority of the work, your grade will reflect that.

You must provide a bibliography of all the material you used in correct format.
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