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The Amistad Case


The Amistad Case Webquest

Introduction The Amistad Case revolves around the kidnapping of Africans and transporting them to be sold as slaves. What happens when the Africans stage a revolt to fight for their freedom? What is the impact on the issue of slavery in America? These are answers you will discover in the Amistad Case Webquest.
Task 1) Research the given websites, or find sites of your own to answer the Activity Guide handout you were given in class.
2) Make a list of the people involved in the case and what they did.
3) Summarize the case, describing what led up to the trial, the judge’s ruling, and the impact of that ruling on slavery in America.
adams[1] amistad[1]
Resources The Amistad Caseby Douglas O. Linder(2000)
The Amistad Case, 1839
Exploring Amistad

Or, use your own. Be sure to keep a bibliography of your sources.
Conclusion After researching this case, you will have an appreciation of how widespread slavery was. In addition, you will witness how influential the proslavery group was in American politics. Lastly, you will witness how the Africans themselves handled the slavery issue.

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