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Choose Life Program description and refusal form:

Dear Parents,

            This letter is to inform you about a special program taught by instructors from LifeWorks Ohio called the “Choose Life!” program.  This program is an innovative, 100% Pro-Life program designed for school children in grades 6-8.  Our “Choose Life!” program uses curricular materials developed by the National Catholic Education Association.   The Cleveland Catholic Diocese has approved of the program and supports its use in schools and parishes. The program consists of 6 grade-appropriate lessons.   At the conclusion of this program every child involved will understand four basic principles:

1.     Every human being is a unique person made in the image and likeness of God; therefore, at every stage of life, every human being is sacred, deserving of respect, and has a right to life.

2.     Human life begins at conception – not at birth nor at any other arbitrary point beyond conception.

3.     Human development is a continuous, gradual process that begins at conception and lasts throughout life.

4.     Abortion is the intentional removal of an unborn human child from its mother so as to destroy the human life already begun.

The instructors use the curriculum books along with a few videos to supplement the lessons.

 Please find below a short description of the videos used in the program.

Grade 6:            You Are a Masterpiece – This heartwarming video is shown during Lesson 3 when fetal development of the baby is discussed.  Designed for youth up to age 12, it discusses the 9 months of fetal development and shows beautiful ultrasound images, photographs, and computer pictures of developing babies.  It shows that we are all truly miraculous masterpieces!

Grade 7:                  The Right Choice – This video is used during lesson 5 when abortion alternatives and the consistent life ethic are discussed.  In this short video a young teenager who is pregnant goes to the doctor.  During the time she is waiting for the doctor to see her, her own baby talks to her from the ultrasound machine about how special and precious the baby’s life is.  She is encouraged to give her baby life.  At the end, she leaves the doctor’s office in search of a way to give her baby a good life instead of an abortion.  This was produced by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Preview of a Birth – this new video is used during lesson 2 when fetal development is discussed.  This is a special video that chronicles the journey from conception to birth, with an astounding full-color view of life within the womb during different stages.


Grade 8:            Life is SacredThis video will be used in lesson 1 as an introduction to the program.  This 5 minute video reveals the truth behind the Master Craftsman of the human soul and how His image is irrefutably engraved into each one of us.  It shows how even the smallest life is astonishing and sacred.


                        That’s Where I Live – This 5 min. video shows the students that famous athletes have made a commitment to live lives of virtue, abstinence and respect for life.  It was produced by Life Athletes.  (You may view the video at

At this time the program has been presented in over 65 Catholic schools in the Cleveland area, with over 40,000 students having already received the important message about respecting life in all of its forms from conception to natural death.  We hope you find this program an important part of your child’s Catholic education.  We ask you to please sign the form below allowing your son or daughter to continue participating in the program for this school year.  If you have further concerns or questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact Vicky Follen, Executive Director of LifeWorks Ohio,  at (216) 661- 6616.


Regina Wyrzykowski,

 LifeWorks Ohio

Coordinator, “Choose Life!” Program

Permission Form for the “Choose Life” Program

Please sign and return this form to your classroom teacher by _______________ , 20___    only if you

 do not give your permission for your child to participate.  If you do not return the form, your child will participate in the program.

I do not give my permission for my child, __________________________________________ to participate in the “Choose Life!” Program provided by LifeWorks Ohio.

Comments: _____________________________________________________________________


Parent Signature:  _________________________________      Date:  ______________________

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